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Spend 15 minutes browsing YouTube and you’ll be able to easily spot the videos that use a teleprompter and those that don’t. Unless they’re doing a parody or humor, nobody makes a video with the intent of sounding stupid. The fact is though, hundreds of people make video and audio productions every day and ad-lib the content. While some people are able to fully memorize a script and do quite well with ad-lib, most of us are barely able to get a sentence out without stammering or stuttering. And that is where a teleprompter can make the difference.


uPrompt3 Home – Designed for the self-producer of audio and video, uPrompt3 Home will help you make the perfect recording.


Listed below are just a few of the reasons why anyone who makes audio and video productions should use a teleprompter rather than relying on our fallible memory.

  • Saves time editing the final product – Nobody is perfect. Even the best audio and video talent will make mistakes with a teleprompter. But, preparing a script beforehand and following that script with a teleprompter will reduce the number of retakes and save time editing the final product.
  • Makes the talent sound professional – There’s a very good reason why some people are able to make a living being a professional spokesperson or talent. A professional sounding talent brings credibility to whatever they say. A teleprompter easily makes an amateur sound professional.
  • Makes the talent sound knowledgeable – If the talent doesn’t sound like they know what they’re talking about, nobody will pay attention.
  • Provides a focus other than the camera/microphone – Stage fright is real. Even when the ‘live’ audience is a camera, staring into it can be a humbling experience. A quality teleprompter will give the talent something else to concentrate on rather than the potentially millions of people watching them.
  • Eliminates vocal pauses – “Umm, like, so, uh, yea. Right?” Unless you’ve trained and worked at it, most every person in front of a recording device will emit vocal pauses. With a teleprompter, the talent doesn’t have to mentally pause and search for the right words. They’re right in front of them.

win10ReadyAs you can see, there are a number of very good reasons to use a teleprompter. The next question is, “Why use uPrompt?” Our simple answer to that question is price vs. performance. Download the uPrompt trial and play with it. Then, download any of our competitor’s products and try them. We’ve even made it easy by listing links to them on every page of our website. We’re so confident that once you compare uPrompt to the competition that you’ll agree that uPrompt provides a superior product for the price.


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