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Educational Institutions – Free uPrompt Professional

We have been contacted recently by educational institutions interested in using uPrompt2 as a teaching tool for instructing students in the use of teleprompters.  Because uPrompt2 is extremely easy to use and runs from any Windows XP or higher based laptop or desktop, this makes it efficient way of introducing students to both the scrolling functions of teleprompters as well as teaching them the art of reading teleprompter scripts. Read more “Educational Institutions – Free uPrompt Professional”

Tips & Hints

Tips for using a teleprompter.

Tip 1 – Move back

Enlarge your font and move further back from the teleprompter screen when recording a video.  If you’re too close to the teleprompter, the audience will see your eyes moving when you read.

Tip 2 – Speed

Set your teleprompter speed to be faster than you normally read.  Use the pause feature to stop and restart your script.

Tip 3 – Wave your hands

Write crib notes on your palms.  Just wave your hand up and down and everyone will think it’s a real teleprompter.