uPrompt2 cracked again

We are proud to announce that uPrompt2 has been, once again, successfully cracked and we couldn’t be happier. Every time a hacker takes time out of their busy day to bypass our registration security, we feel honored. It’s like they sent us a nice Hallmark card, or a couple of flowers.  But this time… a whole TEAM of crackers dove into our lil program and made a great keygen that works.  That, to us, is like winning an Oscar and we are as happy as a pig in slop.

And just like the last time uPrompt was cracked, we’d be embarrassed not to share the link with you:


Just search their database for uPrompt.

There’s also another website where you can find some pre-made serial numbers along with some fake names to use in case you don’t want to use the keygen and your own name.


The guy who posted this obviously used the keygen to make the random names and just uploaded those so don’t give him too much credit. He’s kinda like their cheerleader.

Either link will work, so if you’re a cheapskate who can’t afford our meager price for uPrompt, please feel free to indulge yourself.

We can use the free advertising.

uPrompt2 cracked

Note: The link for this crack is no longer available. But we’re still happy enough about it to leave the post.

When we developed uPrompt we realized that some day it might be cracked. We put some security features into uPrompt but we didn’t go overboard. We wanted to focus on the program and not how to keep people from hacking it. We also decided that should that day come that we find out it is cracked, we’d celebrate. We’ve just discovered what appears to be a crack/serial number generator for uPrompt2 and we’re elated. When your software gets to the point that a hacker will take the time to crack it, you’ know you’re doing something right.

Therefore, without further ado, here’s the link to a supposedly cracked copy of uPrompt2:

(Note, this website is no longer online.)

Now, before you rush off to grab this crack we’d like to point out a few things:

  • The download link takes you to a site called dl-provider.com
  • diegorguez.com claims uPrompt has been downloaded 7,875 times. We find that extremely hard to believe considering we track uPrompt’s connections to our server for help files
  • dl-provider.com is registered to Tigran Baroyan who’s lives in Yerevan, Armenia
  • dl-provider.com gives you a 3 day trial for $1.99 to download software
  • after 3 days, dl-provider.com charges your credit card $79.95
  • dl-provider.com asks you to pay with your credit card through a provider, hyperpaysys.com, which is registered in Toronto, Canada but doesn’t have a website.

You’re more than free to go sign up for dl-provider.com’s service and download this cracked copy if you like.  We, however, we’re not brave enough to give them our credit card information.

(But dl-provider.com is still scamming people out of their money.)

Finally, thanks to whoever supposedly cracked our software. You made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.