uPrompt 2.2.1 released

Along with a number of bug fixes, uPrompt 2.2.1 introduces the ability to display ‘special’ characters in the teleprompter display window.

Prior to this version, uPrompt was unable to display only ANSI characters and any special characters, such as the umlaut, would be incorrectly displayed or displayed as a block character.  This revision brings uPrompt the ability to display virtually any Roman character set and broadens it’s international usability.

uPrompt also now has the ability to read UNICODE text files.  This too gives it more international flexibility as it can natively read these special characters directly from imported text.

This is a free upgrade to all registered users of uPrompt.

Thanks for your support.

uPrompt 2.2 released

Introducing uPrompt 2.2, now with colored scripts.

uPrompt 2.2

uPrompt, and already powerful teleprompter now has the ability to add color scripts.   Whether making off-camera notations or you prefer a color scheme other than white on black, uPrompt2 Home and Professional will now allow you to change the colors of the fonts to meet your needs.  To make the colorization of scripts even easier, we’ve also made a major improvement to the internal editor providing WYSIWYG editing of scripts in color.  Also in this update is a new .upt file extension that allows uPrompt to both save and load colored scripts.

The most powerful home and light professional teleprompter just got better.