About uPrompt3

uPrompt started out as a simple, limited use teleprompter designed solely to fit our in-house needs of the moment. After creating it, we decided to release it as freeware, knowing full well that it had some severe design flaws due to our choice of components used in it’s initial design. We knew then and know now that it will never be more than it is.
However, we were truly surprised at the uncanny popularity of the original uPrompt and realized that we accidentally stepped into an underdeveloped market. Therefore, we completely rewrote uPrompt from top to bottom, made it much more robust, packed it with more features and released it as uPrompt2. Now, after five years and thousands upon thousands of downloads, we’re happy to release uPropmt3, an even more powerful, more feature packed version of our popular teleprompter software.

Comparison of uPrompt Versions

uPrompt3 Home
uPrompt3 Professional

Multiple Font Sizes
Left Hand Keyboard Controls
Uses any Windows Font
Script Queuing
Imports .txt files
Imports .rtf files
Imports .html files
Visual Speed Indicator
Script Position Indicators
Speed Control Sliders
Built-in Help System
Script Editor
Mirrored Text
Rotated Text
Dual Monitor Support

Price $19.95 $39.95
Download Download

Looking for our FREE version of uPrompt? You can still get uPrompt2 Home HERE.  After a 30 day trial, it converts to the free version.


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