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uPrompt3 Professional - Local Teleprompter Screen
uPrompt3 Professional – Local Teleprompter Screen

uPrompt3 Professional

Designed with the professional videographer in mind, uPrompt3’s power lies in it’s rotated and flipped text. By mounting a screen below the video camera and reflecting uPrompt3’s image onto a 2-way mirror in front of the camera lens, your talent will be easily reading the scrolling text while looking straight into the camera lens.

uPrompt3 Home - Teleprompter Screen
uPrompt3 Home – Teleprompter Screen


uPrompt3 Home

While lacking the screen rotation features of the Professional version, uPrompt3 Home is still a feature packed teleprompter for those who don’t need mirrored text or audio recording support.
Perfect for making voice-overs, recording instructional audio, podcasting or narrating slide presentations, uPrompt3 Home has all the power of a professional teleprompter at a home enthusiasts price.

uPrompt3 Nomad


uPrompt3 Nomad

Designed specifically for those on-the-go, uPrompt Nomad is written entirely in HTML5 and Javascript.  This allows uPrompt Nomad to run on a wide variety of platforms and screen sizes.  For more information on uPrompt Nomad and for a free demo, select the uPrompt Nomad option from the main menu.

More Features!

uPrompt3 Professional - Dual Monitor
uPrompt3 Professional – Dual Monitor


uPrompt3 Professional – Dual Monitor Support

uPrompt3 Professional fully supports dual monitors. Simply click on the ‘Toggle Remote’ button and uPrompt opens a new, draggable and resizable teleprompter window. This allows you to open a full screen mirrored script on one monitor while controlling uPrompt from the main display. Even though the remote text may be mirrored, the main uPrompt display always keeps it upright and readable.  Whether you’re making a production solo or you have a teleprompter operator, the dual screen feature makes uPrompt a powerful addition to your videography tools.

uPrompt3 - Themes
uPrompt3 – Themes


Don’t like the color? Change it!

uPrompt3 is the only teleprompter software on the market with multiple themes. Not comfortable with the traditional black background and white letters? Change it. Every version of uPrompt has over 20 user selectable themes from black to blue, green, white and dozens of shades in between.

uPrompt3 - Script Editor
uPrompt3 – Script Editor


Built-in Script Editor

Every version of uPrompt includes a powerful, built-in script editor. Capable of importing .txt, .rtf and .html files, the script editor makes it easy to write scripts in your favorite word processor and quickly import them into uPrompt. With multiple font sizes, true-type fonts and the ability to change any text to any color, you can easily make your scripts look exactly the way you want.

uPrompt3 - Script Queue
uPrompt3 – Script Queue


Script Queue

uPrompt’s script queue brings true just-in-time teleprompting to everyone. uPrompt is the only teleprompter on the market that allows you to queue scripts and ready them for teleprompting. And, in the professional version, you can even do this while the remote teleprompter is running. This allows you or others in your crew to create scripts, load scripts and begin teleprompting, all while the talent is on-camera. Script queuing also allows you to break larger scripts down into smaller, more manageable files without having to stop production to load the next script.

uPrompt3 - Help
uPrompt3 – Help


Integrated Help

uPrompt’s help files are built-in. With uPrompt, there’s no running external programs and having to toggle back and forth nor are you digging through the web to find an outdated help system because Microsoft changed the way they work. With uPrompt, all you need is an internet connection and the help files are viewable from right inside the program.